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Handy Wash™ - Ultrasonic Mini Washing Machine

Handy Wash™ - Ultrasonic Mini Washing Machine

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deal for anyone tired of manual laundry, short on space and those who love to travel, Handy Wash™ is here to make life a whole lot easier. This state-of-the-art technology offers reliable performance and less effort in cleaning clothes with minimum water usage — proving that size doesn’t matter when it comes to laundry! With its innovative designs and impeccable user friendly features, you can forget about any bulky machines ruining the aesthetic of your home while keeping your clothes clean wherever you are!




Technical Specs: Input Voltage: DC 5VInput Current: 3APower Supply Method: USBRated Voltage: DC 10VForward and Reverse Loading: 200 rpmForward Rotation Time: 15 seconds, reverse loading time: 15 secondsTurbo Working Time: 5 minutes switch

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